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A West End Story - Merging 2 apartments into 1

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

How we merged 2 small apartments into 1 to make a family of 4 dream house.

Before and After of the living room

Every project starts with a story, and this is the story of a family that loved living in the West End of Vancouver. They adored the vibrant neighbourhood where everything was within walking distance, and weekends were reserved for leaving the car parked and exploring the city. But as their family grew, they realized they needed more space. Instead of giving up their beloved location, they decided to upgrade their apartment in Stanley Park.

When Small becomes big!

They started small, purchasing a two-bedroom apartment in 2011, but it didn't take long for them to realize they needed more space. So they put on their thinking caps and got creative! They decided to buy the neighbouring one-bedroom apartment before the real estate market skyrocketed. They rented it out for a few years while they saved up for their ultimate renovation plan.

When their second child was born, they knew it was time to bring their big dream to life. That's when they called in a design guru (that's me!) to help them merge 2 apartments into 1 amazing space. It wasn't easy, but we were up for the challenge!

Our mission was to create a spacious, functional, and fabulous apartment that would fit this growing family's needs. They had big dreams, including a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and ensuite, two cozy bedrooms for the kids, a guest room/office, and a swoon-worthy kitchen/dining space that could accommodate their love for entertaining.

We brainstormed different ideas and faced a few challenges, but we finally nailed down the perfect plan.

We decided to connect the two apartments through the old bedroom, which would become the new living room. That way, we could create the ultimate kitchen and dining area that was perfect for hosting Italian aperitivo and dinner parties (yum!).

We even got to play with some engineering magic to remove the kitchen walls and create a bright, open space that was perfect for a modern family's needs. We also used custom millwork to make the most out of every inch of space, ensuring that storage was never an issue.

In the end, this family's dream home became a reality! They now have a spacious, functional, and super stylish apartment that meets all of their needs. And best of all, they get to enjoy all the perks of city living without sacrificing their vibrant West End lifestyle.

The end.

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