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Where Style Meets Functionality

…for a kitchen or a bathroom
built around you!

At Designd Interiors we understand that designing a kitchen or bathroom is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a space that you can truly live in and utilize according to your personal needs.

We are dedicated to crafting spaces that seamlessly merge style and functionality, ensuring that every element is thoughtfully considered. From understanding your unique requirements to meticulously organizing every item, we tailor your kitchen and bathroom to perfectly align with your lifestyle.

Step into a realm where elegance and practicality harmonize, where your culinary dreams take shape, and bathing rituals become luxurious escapes.

Join us on a journey where exceptional design meets impeccable craftsmanship, and let your kitchen and bathroom reflect the essence of your refined taste and individuality.

What's included

Your space, no matter its size, deserves the same attention to detail and dedication to excellence.

1 / Discovery

We begin by scheduling an initial consultation to understand your vision, requirements, and preferences for your new kitchen or bathroom. This includes discussing your functional needs, aesthetic preferences, and any specific design challenges.

2 / Space Planning & Layout

Our talented designers will work closely with you to create an efficient and functional kitchen or bathroom layout. We will consider factors such as workflow, ergonomics, and maximizing storage space, ensuring that your new kitchen or bathroom meets your practical needs while maintaining a stylish appearance.

3 / Concept Development

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, our design team will develop a comprehensive concept for your kitchen or bathroom. This will include color schemes, material selection, lighting plans, and other key design elements, providing you with a visual representation of the proposed design.

4 / Selection of Materials and Finishes

Our experts will guide you through the selection of high-quality materials, fixtures, and finishes. From cabinets and countertops to flooring and backsplash, we offer a wide range of options to suit your style and budget.

5 / Custom Cabinetry and Storage Solutions

We specialize in custom cabinetry and storage solutions to maximize the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen. Our designers will collaborate with you to create personalized solutions that meet your storage needs while complementing the overall design.

6 / Construction Coordination

We understand that a successful kitchen design project requires seamless coordination with contractors and tradespeople. Our team will liaise with reliable professionals to ensure the smooth execution of your project, providing you with peace of mind throughout the construction process.


Get Inspired

We Believe That Everyone Should Have Access To A Well-Designed, Comfortable Living Space.

That’s why we tailor our services to the goals and needs of your project—not the other way around.

If you’re not sure where to start book an In-Home Consultation. We will take a look at your house and we can talk about a whole range of things relating to your project – e.g. scope, lifestyle, functionality, budget, aesthetic and so on. While I am there I will give you lots of initial ideas and inspiration and we can also talk about the full scope of the project.

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