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Born in Italy, I acquired a Master’s degree in architecture there, where I worked for Architectural firms until I started my own practice. I lived in many different places from Iceland to China, giving me the flexibility to adapt and understand different cultures. I speaks Italian, English and French (and Icelandic).

I started focusing more on interior design when I lived in New York and attended some Interior design courses to pursue my passion for interiors. When I moved to Vancouver I graduated in interior design at the LaSalle College and I have worked for almost 5 years with different Italian kitchen companies.

I had the opportunity to work on very high end projects but also on large multifamily ones of various scales. 

Because of my architectural background I like to create livable and functional spaces not only moods.

I have a passion for antiques and collectible design. Thanks to my wide interests I can create a variety of interiors from modern to classic.