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Embrace the Joy of Colors with RAH Colour Consultation

Colours profoundly influence our emotions and well-being by affecting our mood, energy levels, and even stress responses. Choosing the right colours for your home can create a harmonious and uplifting environment, promoting relaxation, creativity, and overall happiness. RAH Colour Consultation focuses on identifying colours that resonate with your personal experiences and emotional needs, ensuring your space not only looks beautiful but also supports your well-being. 

Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life.

Discover how the right colours in your home can not only beautify your surroundings but also significantly enhance your well-being, mood, and overall happiness.

What is
RAH colour test?

The RAH Colour Test is a groundbreaking approach that integrates the principles of the Harvard Implicit Association Test with colour psychology to create highly personalized colour palettes. Developed through extensive research, this innovative test examines how specific colours resonate with an individual's subconscious, uncovering preferences that are deeply intertwined with personal experiences and emotions. The use of methodologies inspired by the Harvard Implicit Association Test allows for a sophisticated analysis of the implicit associations individuals have with colours, ensuring that the resulting palette is not only visually appealing but also emotionally meaningful. This personalized process guarantees that the spaces designed are in true harmony with the user's emotional well-being and aesthetic preferences.

How it works

Part 1: Reconnecting with Positive Emotions

In the first part of the test, you'll embark on a journey to reconnect with your positive emotions. Guided by us, you'll explore a series of colour boards designed to evoke and identify your emotional responses to different hues. This personalized guidance ensures a reflective and intuitive exploration of colours that resonate with your personal experiences and feelings.

Part 2: Professional Analysis and Palette Creation

The second phase of the test is conducted exclusively by us. By inputting the data gathered from your emotional responses, our sophisticated generator crafts a unique chart featuring all the colour combinations that evoke a sense of well-being in you. This tailored analysis results in a personalized palette that not only appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities but also enhances your emotional well-being, ensuring the colours in your space genuinely reflect what makes you feel good.

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RAH Colour consultation

If you have a passion for colours but hesitate to make choices for fear of regret, the RAH Colour Test is designed for you. Instead of following fleeting trends or societal influences, why not choose to connect with your emotions deeply? Embrace colours that truly resonate with your spirit and enhance your well-being. Ready to transform your space with colours that speak to your heart? Book a consultation with us today and embark on a journey to discover your personal colour palette.


Do you want to know more about it?

Get in touch today to book a consultation, we’re more than happy to discuss your needs and explain the process.

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