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6 Steps To Design Your Balcony


Balcony lounge furniture

Terraces and Balconies are your place in the sun, with summer season around the corner and shopping getting a little longer to get delivered I think it's time to get your balcony done. It looks like it might be your only chance to have dinner out this summer!

Being forced inside for so long probably made us realize how important it is to have a little outdoor space. Balconies are often left behind in the decorating process especially if we live in an apartment.

I thought to give you a little inspiration and some guidance to start planning your outdoor space and turn it a little oasis.


Every decoration project should start with some inspirations but first of all ask yourself how you are going to use the outdoor space: dining, lounging, entertaining (hopefully soon!). Then based on the space you have, you would have to do some realistic considerations on what can you accommodate (if you have a small balcony you can't probably have a table for six, pretty obvious right?).

Before committing to any purchase be sure of the look that you want to achieve. If you have already a style in mind you can google it, use Pinterest or Houzz to create a board with your fav or if it's not so clear you can have a look at my inspo.



Morning exercise on my balcony

Flooring is very important to set the base of the overall look you want to achieve. Balcony floors are often just bare concrete and with time the get dirty and difficult to clean. There are some great economical options out there like fake grass carpet, if you want something fun, or click tiles for a more sophisticated look.

I bought this rug at Home depot for only 80$ and I'm enjoying exercising on it in the morning!



I know shopping has been a little frustrating later due to the pandemic and this is exactly why you should start right away planning your patio.

If you are on a budget, these are some good options to by from, they will deliver to your doorstep:


Quite an obvious choice, never disappointing especially if you live in a rental and don't want to spend too much. If you are afraid to get too much the IKEA look (like you just got out of an IKEA catalogue), search on line for some IKEA hack, you would be surprised how much you can customize and personalize your furniture.


Home Depot is still open during this hard period so if you are not an online shopper this could be your to go to. I personally like to see what I buy so I patiently waited in line to get in and I have to say I was quite surprised, I did some good finds for my small balcony.


If you live in Vancouver and are all about shopping local, check this great company that as good quality and stylish furniture for a fair price. From small to bigger spaces they can satisfy all your needs. I'm working on a patio right now and proposing some of their items, can't wait to see the final outcome.


Same as Home Depot, you can still shop in their stores (please don't forget too keep social distancing!). Some good choices here as well, also for cheaper pots and decor.


Wayfair as established itself as an "online buyer" paradise in the last years and you can find basically anything at any price point.

Once you have selected the pieces you want don’t forget to measure your space and make sure they will fit. You don’t need to draw your space, you can simply use your tape measure. This is especially important in these days that we cannot return items! If you want to have some fun, you can use one of the many app that will help you design a floorplan.



Tropical Pillows

Adding some decorations to your balcony will make your space feel immediately cozier and more personal.



What is a patio without some plants! Head to your favourite garden centre and ask for advice on what are the best options for a balcony. There are many considerations you have to do like climate you live in, sun exposure and wind (if you live in a high rise you know how windy it can get up there!).

Why not a herb garden, I love growing my own herbs, I avoid all those tiny plastic containers and I always have fresh herbs with zero waste!

If you don’t have lots of space maybe you want to consider hanging baskets or some vertical green. There are options even is you don't have a green thumb (look at this fake ivy).



Cheap and effective, a dollar store string light and a jar, could create a dreamy look.
A simple string light in a jar can do some magic!

And finally, if you haven't broke the bank yet, add some lighting to get the dreamy look. Either a chandelier or a string light will definitely enhance your design (I would avoid chandeliers if you live on a high rise! Wind remember?)

If you don’t have an outlet on your balcony, don’t worry, look at some solar powered options or simple candle lit lanterns.


Hope you enjoyed my tips, let me know what are your struggles with your apartment patio!



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