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3636 W 14th Avenue - Master Bathroom (3)-2.jpg

Point Grey House




Vancouver, Canada



With a strict summer deadline and new challenges at the beginning of the pandemic arriving daily, we had to rethink our design process for this two bathroom, kitchen, and powder room renovation project in Point Grey.

To minimize in-person contact during the design stage, our solution was to offer online meetings with immersive 360° 3D renders of the proposed space.

Not only was this process safer for everyone at the time, but it turned out to be a great project accelerator as our client—who was ESL—was able to easily visualize the project and easily communicate their thoughts and decisions.

3636 W 14th Avenue - Powder Room (1).jpg
3636 W 14th Avenue - Kitchen (1a).jpg
3636 W 14th Avenue - Kitchen (5a).jpg

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