“Design is not a way of expression, but a way to solve a problem.
That’s what makes us different from artists.”
Nike Karlsson, Designer


interior design made for the real people

Jessica, principal and founder of DD Interiors, is an architect who specialized in bamboo construction. Her job took her to Asia where she spent years helping locals build houses and temporary schools. Here she learned to make do in extreme and poor conditions. Above all, she cherishes the human connections she made, since the altruism and generosity of her cohorts, in face of their poverty, left her nothing short of amazed. Today in her Interior Design work, she promotes the concept of reuse, restore and repurpose: her priority is to listen to her clients’ needs and suggest durable solutions suited to their way of life, rather than current trends. Her goal is to keep doing something good for the people. She believes in Democratic Design: design as not merely a way of beautifying spaces, but rather implementing functionality around one’s lifestyle, accessible to all, regardless of budget. 



With an Italian degree in Architecture, Jessica lives in many different coun- tries before settling down in Vancouver. Here, after obtaining a diploma from La Salle College, she starts her career in Interior Design. Jessica is our team’s techie, always learning about new products and ways to improve our clients’ experience. Very methodical, she keeps everyone on track. As a member of a local wine club since 2019, she likes to reminisce about her passion for traveling by pair- ing bottles with recipes from all over the world.


Whether she’s refreshing an existing space, decorating a brand new build, or styling for a photoshoot, Chiara thrives making a space sing. Native to Rome, Italy, she graduates in Graphic Design and moves to London, UK in 2010. Here, she juggles between her first designer’s gigs and a side-job in visual merchandising at some of the finest retail locations in the city. She develops and unforgiving eye for detail, a deep understanding of brand identity and a sense of composition which later inform her styling work.