We are a team of designers and contractors that can provide a full, turn key service for complete renovation, partial renovation, kitchen and bathroom remodel, small commercial projects.

We believe that a very detailed and organized process is the foundation of a successful project. It will help you know always what to expect  and it will help us to keep things on track.

This is how we work:


PHASE 1 - Consultation

Everything start with a visit to your home. We will walk room by room and discuss all your needs and wants for your space. We will document all the information in order to make the perfect action plan and we will provide you with a Consultation summary. In this phase you will sign a contract that will highlight all steps of your project so that you will always know what to expect.


PHASE 2 - Research, Design and Presentation

After determining the scope of work and budget we get to work on the design. Before starting the fun part, we will meet on site with our trades in order to resolve challenges and brainstorm creative solutions. This will provide us with every bit of information required to successfully resolve a client’s wish list.

We will prepare detailed 2D drawings, full schematic, interior detailing and materials selections to help you visualize your new space. We will also provide all samples of the selected materials where available. Everything will be presented to you comfortably at your home.


PHASE 3 - Project Coordination

We will be happy to work with your trades or we can provide our general contracting service through Canova Management Ltd..

Allowing us to oversee the execution of the design work and materials we have developed and selected for you will guarantee the integrity of the project, and ensure that the right materials are being installed as designed. We will also assist you in keeping the budget and schedule under control with regular weekly updates. Let's be honest, construction sites are never problems free but we will lift from you all the stress of dealing with the day to day decision making, addressing problems promptly and professionally.


PHASE 4 - Deficiencies and Project Completion

We are almost at the end but before starting celebrating we want to make sure that your project is up to standards! We will conduct a walk-through to identify any deficiency and make a plan to resolve them. We will take care of the coordination between contractor/trades/supplier to address all issues.

Well congratulations we got to the end! We will have a meeting where we will provide you with binder containing all your project details. We will ask you for some feedback about your experience with us as we always want to improve.