• From Virtual to Reality

    Being a freelance had the advantage that I was already working from home, construction was still allowed but what about meetings with clients???

    At the time I just had a commission for a project as part of a collaboration with Canova Management, a local contracting company. We had just started the design phase when health authorities encouraged physical distancing.

    The client was very strict on the completion time for the construction for personal reasons, she had to be in the house by end of summer. This was a situation that no one has ever faced before, we had to be responsible not only for ourselves but for the people around us, employees, coworkers but first of all our families.

    Being an early adopter of the virtual reality technology came as a blessing!
  • A West End Story

    Every project starts with a story and this started with a growing family in need of a bigger home.
  • 6 Steps To Design Your Balcony

    Terraces and Balconies are your place in the sun, with summer season around the corner and shopping getting a little longer to get delivered I think it's time to get your balcony done. It looks like it might be your only chance to have dinner out this summer!

    Being forced inside for so long probably made us realize how important it is to have a little outdoor space. Balconies are often left behind in the decorating process especially if we live in an apartment.

    I thought to give you a little inspiration and some guidance to start planning your outdoor space and turn it a little oasis.